SPCE Hostel

About First Year B. Tech Hostel Admission

1) Admission to Hostel shall be branch wise/merit wise.
   Total 57 Seats (Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical) are available for F. Y. B.Tech Boys.
   Total 12 Seats (Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical) are available for F. Y. B.Tech Girls.

2) Hostel fees include Boarding & food charges.

3) Hostel mess is compulsory for all students.

4) For Boys (Rs. 49,973/- + Rs.10,000/- + Rs.38,400/- =Rs.98,373/- per annum).
   Hostel fees=Rs. 49,973/-
   Refundable Deposit=Rs.10,000/-
   Mess charges= Rs.38,400/-

5) For Girls (Rs. 38,236/- + Rs.10,000/- + Rs.38,400/- =Rs.86,636/- per annum).
   Hostel fees=Rs. 38,236/-
   Refundable Deposit=Rs.10,000/-
   Mess charges= Rs.38,400/-

6) Rs. 10,000/- one time deposit. The deposit shall be refunded at the time of leaving the hostel.

Hostel Contact Person

Sr.no. Post Name Address
1 Faculty In charge for Hostel Dr. P. G. Gaikwad SPCE Boys Hostel,1stfloor, Munshi Nagar,Bhawan's Campus,Andheri(w), Mumbai-400058
2 Assistant Hostel Superintendent Shri. Shailesh Sarwade SPCE Boys Hostel, Servant Quarters, Munshi Nagar, Bhavan's Campus ,Andheri(w), Mumbai-400058

Mess Staff Details

Sr.no. Name of the worker Address
1 Mr. Keyoor Desai Shop No. 1, Meghrai Apartment, Near Amboli railway crossing, Jogeshwari (E), Mumbai.
2 Mr. Sukhchand Mondal Sant Kripa Niwas, Rm No. 1727, Near Ram mandir, Sector- 26, Kopari gaon, Vashi, Navi Mumbai.
3 Mr. Sanjay Kumar Ram PGP, house no. 3,Room No. 313, Nitie Campus, Vihar lake road, Mumbai- 400 087.

Download Hostel Forms

  Undertaking form for Boys                 Undertaking form for Girls

Rules & Regulation of the Hostel

1) Students should Keep his/her room, passage and sanitary block clean and neat. For cleaning within the room sweeper will not be provided.

2) Guests or Visitors are not allowed in the room.

3) Waste paper should be kept in the waste paper baskets provided in each room. All the waste should be put in the basket provided for it in the sanitary block. Nothing should be thrown out of the windows.

4) No one will alter the arrangement of furniture in the room nor carry out any repair to the fixture or furniture in the room. Any repair required shall be reported to the Suptd. /Asstt. Suptd. Who will take suitable action, if found necessary.

5) Every student must return to his room before 10:00 night every day (as main gate will be closed at 10:00 night & will not be opened before 6:00 a.m.)

6) No student shall remain absent from the hostel without prior permission of the Hostel Suptd / Asstt. Supdt. Students should make entry in the register kept with the security while going on leave and coming back.

7) Only parents are allowed in the room with the prior permission from Hostel Suptd /Asstt. Supdt.

8) Drinking alcoholic drinks, Smoking or use of intoxicants in any room or hostel premises is strictly prohibited.

9) No eatable i.e., vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian will be cooked in the room and no outside food either vegetarian or non-vegetarian is allowed inside the hostel.

10) Playing of cards or any other games in the rooms or passage is strictly prohibited.

11) Students should not visit any other room without permission of the in-mates of that particular room.

12) Playing of transistor, radios, tape-recorders, T.V. etc is strictly prohibited. If found, the instrument will be forfeited.

13) Students must try to economise electrical consumption. They must switch off fans, lights etc. when not required, if misused, the supply to the block or room may be discontinued.

14) Students must take care of all the fittings in their rooms as well as of the hostel property such as electrical fittings in passage, bathrooms and lavatories & sanitary fittings i.e., wash basins, shower baths, water taps in the bathrooms & lavatories. Any loss will be recovered from the inmates of the respective blocks. In case no such responsibility can be fixed, it will be collected from all students of hostel.

15) Students are not permitted to keep any vehicle/scooter/car in the hostel surroundings.

16) Sticking objectionable posters, writings etc. on the wall, door etc. is strictly prohibited.

17) Students are prohibited from using the electrical appliances in the room. Strict action will be taken against the defaulters, which may include the confiscation of the appliances.

18) The students staying in the hostel are advised not to keep costly things and cash in their rooms. They must also lock their rooms while going out. Hostel authorities will not be responsible for any kind of loss.

19) Repeaters will not be allowed in the hostel.

20) Students should check their friends do not misuse their room for illegal activities.

21) Students must maintain silence and discipline in the hostel.

22) Students are not allowed to gather in any room which they are not allotted.

23) Principal/Hostel Superintendent/Asst. Supdt will take a surprise visit to the boys or girls hostel any time of the day or night for checking whether the prevailing rules and regulations are followed by the room inmates.

24) Principal/Hostel Superintendent reserves the right to modify, alter or add to these rules at any time without prior notice.

25) The balcony shall not be used for tooth brushing, washing face and teasing/misbehaviour with the students walking on the road.

26) Students shall not be allowed to participate in activities like E-Bizz, Ramkrishna Mission & any other religious activities.

27) Hostel Mess is Compulsory for all the inmates.

28) Leave form is available with the watchman. The filled in leave form should be submitted to the Watchman.

29) All the boys and girls staying in the hostel shall note that regularly attending lectures/practicals/tutorials right from the first day is compulsory and the defaulting students can be expelled from the hostel.

30) Ragging is strictly prohibited in any form; if someone found guilty, severe action will be taken.

31) Hostel admission will be made on merit basis.

32) Preference will be given to the students coming from far distance (ahead of Palghar, Neral, Asangaon, Panvel etc.)

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