PRAKRITI - The Green Club of SPCE

Prakriti - The Green Club of SPCE

The Green Club of SPCE was established in August 2023 to facilitate Youth engagement and Water Stewardship among the students as per the MoU signed between higher and technical education with UNICEF. It aims to work towards the eco-friendly environment in and around the college through effective use of resources including water, energy and facilitating youth in taking up activities which would reduce the climate change.


Help build understanding of youth on different aspects of water challenges and sustainable management through various projects, surveys, water audits and activities.

  • Committing to measures for water conservation and promoting water stewardship.

  • Taking steps to reduce the effects of climate change through tree planting events and cleanup drives.

  • Hosting workshops on composting, recycling, and upcycling.

  • Arrange talks by guest speakers on climate change and conservation.

  • Collaborating with local organizations for environmental initiatives.

  • Planning outdoor adventures like hiking and nature exploration.

Instructions to install why waste app

Scan the QR code to download the Why Waste App or click the link below

Click the link to apply for the MYCA courses

If already taken up or completed the course, Click on the google form link below to upload your certificates:

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Faculty Committee 2023
Sr. No. Name Designation Email ID
1 Dr. Hansa Jeswani Master Trainer
2 Dr. Reshma Raskar - Phule Faculty Coordinator
3 Prof. Snehjit Kumbhar Faculty Coordinator
Student Committee 2023
Sr. No. Name Designation Email ID
1 Bhakti Ghongate President
2 Ayushya Maurya Vice - President
3 Gargi Bhosale Campaign Coordinator
4 Sachin Shah Campaign Coordinator
5 Revati Vyas Documentation Coordinator
6 Divya Vijay Dhas Documentation Coordinator
7 Digvijay Londhe Creative Head
Green Club Activities
Sr. No. Activity Date
1 Induction Report (Prakriti - The Green Club of SPCE) September 5, 2023
Green Club Achivements
Sr. No. Activity
1 Report of Inauguration
Sr. No. Activity
1 Report of Inauguration
Contact Us
Faculty coordinators
Dr. Reshma Raskar - Phule
Number: 9167855430
Prof. Snehjit Kumbhar
Number: 9022687394
Student coordinators
Ms. Bhakti Ghongate
Number: 9527073519
Mr. Ayushya Maurya
Vice President
Number: 7058390698
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